599780_10151068622556940_1142290266_nSo what is the Adventure Rotation?

It can be so many things! It is a true kaleidoscope of choice programming. We have all kinds of activities panned for the adventure rotation this summer. Among them are a series of inflatables like water slides and jousting; a climbing wall and dunk tank competition during color wars.

Do you do work shops?

Yes! We will have a series of workshops learning fun science, about reptiles, hip hop dancing, martial arts, magic, and more! We will also have a series of camp visitors that will help us learn about their role in the community such as the return of love on a leashour fabulous build a buddy workshop, and paint a dream crafts!

100_0551The great thing about the adventure area – is that each time it is unique.

This area is going to be even bigger and better than last year!slip-and-slid

Stay tuned for our program details and workshop schedule