Aquatics and Swimming


The swimming pool at The Phoenix is a huge part of the camp day!  Swimming is done under the supervision of our Aquatics Director Toro. The pool is where we offer a chance to not just get out of the heat – we also conduct challenges, races, team building, and other daily activities led by Dolphin, Chameleon, and Lotus. We offer swimming daily at camp – it is a blend of organized games and then free swim. We also have an area for the non-swimmers for that rotation.  Scheduled area rotations allow for campers to swim with their peer age group.  The swim scheduled is extended in the event of excessive heat – our curriculum is modified to include more water play and frozen treats!

All staff are trained with basic lifesaving techniques, emergency management plan drills in the event of a needed evacuation, as well as training in the assignments of play participants and look outs and how these are rotated for effective coverage for the supervision ratio of 1 guard to every 25 swimmers.  Swimming is also offered daily for our extended care program during the afternoons at camp.

Swim Testing and Assessments

All campers and staff are assessed prior to pool use each summer. Staff is screened during pre-camp training.  All campers are evaluated by our aquatics staff on their first day of camp, and will receive a Red, Yellow or Green water proof silicone wristband. If it is determined that they are not yet water safe, they will receive a Red wristband. Each day, before their group enters the pool area, their counselor will refer to the evaluation list and put the appropriate wristband on each of their campers. Once in the pool area, the group will be directed to a specific area based on swim ability during the free swim portion of the swim period, all swimmers with a Red wristband are grouped in the shallow end where a lifeguard is positioned. During free swim, the counselors play with both the swimming and  non swimming campers to help ensure a positive pool experience.

DSCF4664Optional Aquatic Programs

We will be offering swim lessons starting in the spring for our Lil’ Ranch campers and swimmers who can benefit from further instruction!  We will also be conducting our Junior Lifeguard Program following the curriculum set by the American Red Cross for our Teen Campers.  Swim lessons and Junior Guard Programs are conducted by aquatics staff who are both certified lifeguards and water safety instructors.  Contact the main office for information on how to sign up for the optional aquatics programs. Lessons may be purchased in bundled or individual increments.