Your camp day is a blend of active and passive programming! We offer choices for our campers as well as the opportunity to develop skill sets wit progressive challenges. The day is full of opportunities to explore areas that might be new to them.


Our Drama Program at Phoenix Ranch is a unique blend of games, performances, and skill building games that offer something for everyone. Come join us for the traditional camp dramatics like our talent show and skits that are sure to have you in stitches. And then stick with us as we make it even better with our special activities like Make Your Own Movie week, Sword fighting, Fairy Tale in 60 seconds and more! In Starfish’s Drama room there are no wrong ideas and EVERYONE is a star.



Nature Lore:

This summer, the Nature Program will tackle the heat with exciting experiments and activities revolving around water conservation, both in and outside the home and of course, at camp. Other environmental awareness projects include learning about endangered species, practicing nature appreciation, ocean and forest preservation, the food chain, the African safari, ecological relationships (paired with teambuilding), alternative resources and sustainability and much more. Most of all we will embrace our Nature motto: We are scientists.

Many favorites from last summer will be back like fossil digging, worms composting to recycle, outdoor survival shelter, first aid, outdoor cooking and Sequoia’s Recycling Challenge. Every nature activity will be hands-on and provide learning and personal growth opportunities for our campers while practicing the utmost safety. Nature will be bigger and better than ever before!

Game Room:

Take your eyes off the small screen and move them to the big one. Play your friends in our video game competitions on our huge screens. Play the games using the Xbox Kinnect system – get up and be the controller! We will also do many camp favorites using the Wii and room versus room Xbox challenges. When you are done with that hop on over to our air hockey table, or tangkle yourself into a knot with some crazy Twister. Just don’t get too crazy or you will knock over our record-breaking towers of Jenga.



Go Karts:

Who says you are too young to drive! On our Go Karts track at Phoenix Ranch, we let our campers take the front seat, With a trained specialist running the race track the fun never stops at this popular rotation. After passing their safety test, each camper will use their personalized license to test out our new tracks each week. After expertly crossing the finish line in our camp races, mom and dad YOU may be the one in the car seat!  New this year will be a new course, reconditioned carts and the opportunity to bring the driving experience home making our own videos recording the driving challenge as we will add a digital camera to the kart – you might be the featured driver of the day!



You’ve seen them do it in the movies and now you can do it too! On our archery range our certified specialist will help you to go for the gold. Join in our weekly challenges and activities as we go for the bulls eye, pop the balloons, do word searches, and other exciting activities each week. Join in with the competition and learn what all the fun is about!  Our range will teach campers the sport of archery following the guidelines of the National Archery Association. Raven is back to create an archery experience like no other!