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Welcome to Little Ranch Camp! Our campers in grades Kinder through 2nd grade have quite an adventure awaiting them!  It all begins with their counselors and groups as they bond and explore the day together.  Each group has been designated by age so that we match the children according to their grade or peer group. We can have a kinder group or a kinder and 1st grade mix in another group. We organize groups this way so that we can make sure that the activity that is planned for the day is age appropriate to their skill level!




The camp day is made up of:

  • Area A – Create at Crafts:   This would be arts and crafts projects to be done either inside our air conditioned art lab – or outside at the tables depending on the craft and if it is a simple or more complex project!
  • Area B – Dramatic Arts:  This area is complete with Drama games, team building, skits, songs, storytelling, and surprise workshops!
  • Area C – Sports & Play:  Here we will be playing on our east side sports court, blacktop, or on the west side sports field. Campers can also choose to play gaga which has become a camp classic.
  • Area D – Aquatics:  Take a dip into our pool or play a game in the shade with your friends while listening to music in our aquatics area! All campers are swim tested and swim ability is assessed.
  • Area E – Gameroom: Play one of many board games or choose to take a turn on our huge screens for XBox 360 Kinnect Games that are sure to get you moving! Campers can also play in our excellent computer lab with popular games such as Minecraft!
  • Area F – Adventure Zone:  Take a spin on our trikes, ride a gokart with a friend or begin to learn the basics of archery and other target games. We will have a fun NERF shooting gallery this summer designed specifically with our younger campers in mind!
  • Area G – Nature Rocks!  This is all about teaching our campers about the love of the world around us. We have a garden that we will care for and learn about useful insects like ladybugs, red worms, and praying mantis that are so important to keeping everything blooming!  New this year will be Critter Corner where we will learn the proper care of some of our smaller, furry friends. We also do outdoor cooking during the week to make a special treat to complete the day!

But wait… there is more… There are also optional activities offered which include before and after camp care, hot lunches, swim lessons, and flights (field trips). You will learn more about how these work and how you can sign up!