The Phoenix Ranch Staff training is the core of our success. Our staff (18 years of age or older) has undergone over 40 hours of pre-camp and in-service training. Compare our program and training and see the Phoenix difference. All staff has been carefully screened, background checked, and fingerprinted. We seek the best! Our staff demonstrate the enthusiasm, maturity, dedication, and ability to work with children. Staff evaluation and training continues throughout the summer. We are very proud of our qualified and caring camp staff.

Preparation and training include:

  • First Aid & CPR annual certification
  • Effective and fair discipline techniques through redirection and encouragement.
  • Building camper self esteem
  • Anti-bullying and efficient problem solving skills
  • Supervision ratios as established by the ACA
  • Protecting the physical and emotional needs of the campers
  • Understanding of the program and the goals and the objectives of the camp program for camper development
  • How to be an successful leader and play participant alongside the campers as positive role models

Come experience the Phoenix tradition of excellence. We have over 30 years of experience of making incredible memories for our campers!