Phoenix Ranch Summer Luau


I love camp because it’s fun. I love doing cool arts and crafts projects and going swimming

Kailee C., Camper

…Spencer adored Coyote Camp last year and he will be attending both camps this year.  I loved that pictures were posted on Facebook each evening for all of us parents to enjoy.  He was well taken care of and again, all of the staff have a vested interest in all of the campers.  As a parent, that is very reassuring to me.

Merrin A., Mother

I loved camp as a camper because many times that was the only time you were able to see your friends that each went to a different school… you did the school year and then you looked forward to camp because you knew you would see your friends again

Sparrow, Staff

I love camp because I get to relive all the incredible moments I got to experience myself at the Phoenix Ranch as a child, yet on the other foot. It gives me a sense of nostalgia!

Jaguar, Staff